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  • Alison McFadden

Bespoke service support plans to keep you up and running

Jun 1, 2022

Continu ensures your critical backup power equipment is safe, secure, and reliable. A bespoke Service Support Plan provides you and Continu with peace of mind throughout the life of your backup power assets. Our digital approach to your service plan is intuitive, future proofed and flexible. The inclusion of remote monitoring software provides instant information about the health of your system, often leading to a faster and more efficient resolution.

Benefits of a bespoke service support plan

Continu has transformed the way service maintenance is delivered and managed via a range of innovative digital tools. Remote monitoring provides an efficient alternative to having an engineer physically on your site. This service uses real time monitoring of your assets. Attributes such as thermal condition, circuit breaker health, patrial discharge, eliminates many of the manual inspections associated with periodic PM’s and provides Continu and your site contact with a higher level of protection. Our purpose is to empower you to make the most of your backup power assets as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Continu commit to offering you authentic exceptional service and promises to provide a comprehensive and tailored Service Schedule, including regular meetings and timely service reports. The investment in a bespoke CRM and customer portal system ensures information relating to your contract, live reporting of installed equipment, engineers site visit reports, are held in one easy to access location. This enables us to review your information, schedule interventions, maintain records of all works and provide associated reports efficiently. A robust approach to HS&E externally verifies of our ISO IMS system and focusses our team on continual improvement and innovation.

Continu can help you ensure that your critical systems are always kept up and running, saving you money, preventing downtime, and protecting your data. Contact us today.


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