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  • Alison McFadden

Continu – Powering your sustainable energy transition

March, 2022

Continu, an SME based in Belfast operate in the niche and specialist secure backup power and energy storage sector. The business has been operational for twelve years and offers a suite of innovative products and services with world-leading partners and a strong supply chain. In today’s on-demand energy-hungry world, Continu is driven to enable businesses to make a significant and explicit shift towards powering their energy needs, sustainably.

Alison McFadden, Managing Director of Continu, explains, “Sustainability is at the heart of our entire business model. For example, our Backup Power (UPS) products have two functions: one is to provide short-term emergency power in the event of a complete mains power failure, and the second is to protect the load from power quality problems, including spikes, voltage dips, fluctuations, thus providing a clean and stable supply to protect sensitive IT equipment.

However, it’s important to take a site wide view to sustainable energy, Alison adds: “The goals for business now are not only zero downtime but meeting net zero. Continu have unparalleled expertise and turnkey market ready technology in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to enable customers to radically overturn their approach to energy consumption, helping them to thrive sustainably and flexibly whilst ensuring site-wide resilience.

In addition, Continu have transformed the way service is delivered through every customer ‘touch point’ via a range of innovative digital tools. Continu integrate real time remote monitoring of customer assets, eliminating many of the manual inspections associated with periodic PMs of critical backup equipment. This provides customers with an efficient alternative to having an engineer physically on site. They support when needed, led by real time data rather than the calendar.“ Our purpose is to efficiently empower our customers to manage their critical power and energy assets as sustainably as possible.”Trust is key to attracting and retaining new customers. Continu is trusted by large public and private organisations with business-critical IT systems – many with multi-sites throughout Ireland, mainland UK and Europe including BT, Concentrix, NIE, Total Mobile, Moy Park, Thales, Hospital Trusts, Seagate and SONI.

Alison is proud her team have won an award for ‘Best Small Business’ at the 10th annual Women in Business NI Awards 2022. “We are delighted to support these awards and had a great evening celebrating the accomplishments. Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners.”

For advice about your backup power or energy storage projects, get in touch with us.


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