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  • Suzanne Cherry

Is your business Winter Ready?

Continu’s Top Tips to ensure your business is kept up and running this winter:

Tip#1 – Install remote monitoring software.

Continu has transformed the way service maintenance is delivered and managed via a range of innovative digital tools. Remote monitoring (‘EcoStruxure IT’ by APC) provides an efficient alternative to having an engineer physically on your site. This service uses real time monitoring of your assets. During the winter months, your IT or facilities manager may not be able to reach the site. If you have remote monitoring software installed, this provides instant information about the health of your system, often leading to a faster and more efficient resolution. Our digital approach to service support is intuitive, future proofed and flexible. Attributes such as thermal condition, circuit breaker health, patrial discharge, eliminates many of the manual inspections associated with periodic PM’s and provides Continu and your site contact with a higher level of protection. Our purpose is to empower you to make the most of your backup power assets as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Remote monitoring of your equipment can prove to be time saving and cost saving. The software will provide instant notifications via a smartphone which gives instant visibility and the flexibility to monitor your IT infrastructure from anywhere.

Tip#2 – Ensure your backup system is fit for purpose

If you don’t have a service contract and you are unsure of the status and overall health of your physical backup infrastructure systems, then it is advisable to have a ‘health check’, particularly if the systems are 5 years or more old. Continu can carry out the health checks to determine current capacities, level of redundancy, map out dependencies, as well as find problems that could undermine availability. Our engineers can also assist with installing remote monitoring to your connected devices. Emergency callouts can prove to be costly in the long run. If the UPS protects critical IT systems, it is critical it will work!

Tip#3 – Make sure your UPS is protecting your equipment

In addition to protecting from outright power failures, the UPS is also crucial to ensuring power quality is consistent, with no voltage variations, transients, spikes, or the like which are harmful, especially to sensitive equipment. Is it on and working? Many of us will have experienced panic when lightning strikes and our computer starts flickering! Did you know other ‘in-building’ equipment such as lifts/ air conditioners and fans can also cause such havoc to I.T.?

Tip#4 – Ensure there is an optimum temperature in the backup power room

Assess the temperature and air circulation of the room where your backup equipment is housed. Is it constant or are there times when the temperature fluctuates? Large fluctuations can play havoc with your IT equipment and affect the lifespan of your UPS batteries. Is the area clean? Dust and other debris can also cause problems to your I.T. equipment and shorten the lifespan of moving parts.

Severe weather can affect the electricity network and leave your business without power. Prevention is always better than cure. So whatever business you are in, our advice is to check your backup systems now, before it’s too late. Avoid downtime, data loss and potential hardware damage. Get in touch with the Continu team straight away – we will be happy to help.


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