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Lorries lined up at a transportation hub

Major Logistics Company

Continu's groundbreaking project integrates cutting-edge solar and battery energy storage at a major logistics company, pioneering sustainability in transport across the UK and Ireland.

Revolutionising Logistics: Cutting-Edge Solar + Battery Energy Storage for New Facilities

Project Background:
A groundbreaking project at a major logistics company involves integrating two new facilities. The goal? Harnessing solar energy through a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to optimise usage and even sell excess energy back to the grid. This strategic move aligns with the firm’s decarbonisation strategy, enabling sustainable transport and logistics across their sites in Ireland and the UK. As a pioneering initiative, it’s part of a comprehensive plan to transition to renewable energy sources for powering their operations. The project also tackles electrification barriers for their substantial haulage fleets spanning Ireland, the UK, and Europe. Continu, working closely with the client for six months, designed an efficient technical and economic solution. Leveraging our strong position in the BESS supply chain for the Commercial and Industrial market, we met critical objectives related to lead times—a top priority for the client in overcoming the energy crisis. Armed with a robust business case, the client is now driving full-scale decarbonisation across all their operations. 

Project Solution:
In this innovative approach, excess solar energy generated during sunny months is stored in a battery. At night or during peak operational hours, the battery supplements energy when solar alone can’t meet demand. During winter, the battery charges overnight at a reduced tariff, providing daytime power without relying on costlier daytime rates.

Continu’s comprehensive energy modelling showcased significant benefits. By optimizing solar PV usage, the battery harnessed the price differential between day and night electricity rates. The client’s unique rate structure allowed the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to charge strategically during low-solar days. Sensitivity analysis revealed seasonal variations: BESS focused on energy arbitrage in winter and solar charging in summer. Plus, inevitable future higher electricity tariffs meant quicker payback. 

Project Results:
Our groundbreaking proposal introduces a rapidly deployable battery energy storage system designed for multiple strategic sites across Europe and the UK. This fully factory-built and tested solution boasts high-density modularity, minimising project risk and cost. Its streamlined installation, compact footprint, and lightweight design enhance efficiency. Plus, the system’s enclosed cooling and robust housing ensure low operating costs. With compatibility across various power sources and output configurations, our energy storage system offers the ultimate flexibility for our client’s operations

What the client said:
Continu’s robust feasibility study has been game-changing for our strategic and financial decisions regarding energy consumption. Beyond mere environmental responsibility, it’s a critical business imperative. Our collaboration with Continu transcends a typical business relationship—it’s an innovative partnership fueled by their expertise in practical and technical solutions.

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