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Battery Energy Storage 

Unlocking endless natural energy so that you are free to thrive.

Battery Energy Storage 

Our purpose is fuelled by our conviction that safe, sustainable energy consumption should be de-centralised and available to all businesses.  We provide the storage solutions to maximise the potential of wind and solar assets  unlocking centralised energy freedom.

Today's energy challenges 

The urgency is undeniable – we're grappling with the consequences of decades of reliance on fossil fuels

  • Aging grids, volatile markets, and environmental concerns: Today's energy landscape demands change.

  • Energy markets, political instability, government policies and taxes control the cost of energy.

  • Every day your business is paying for energy that is available for free, energy storage is the catalyst that redefines the way we power our lives.

Manufacturing warehouse with battery energy storage
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Mnanufacturing warehouses with battery energy storage

Take back control of your energy

Energy storage stands as our beacon of hope, offering a solution to decentralise how we consume energy and take back control.


Here's what you have to gain:

  • Cost control: Store cheap energy, reduce dependence on volatile markets.

  • Resilience: Uninterrupted power, even during outages.

  • Sustainability: Minimise carbon footprint with clean energy.

  • Become a "prosumer," not just a passive consumer: Generate your own power, control your destiny. The future is decentralised, clean, and within reach. Contact us today to unlock your energy storage potential.

How we work on your BESS Project

Eliminate the need for piecing together renewable energy technologies yourself.


Continu's range of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are designed and manufactured specifically for the C&I market: We've spent 5 years building a robust BESS supply chain, partnering with leading battery system experts. This means fast lead times, exceptional expertise, and scalable solutions tailored to your needs.

Feasibility to on-site install (four simple steps), we minimise the risk of incorrect assumptions regarding sizing and ensure seamless integration of the various power assets, such as solar and wind into a workable system. We design the right solution to empower your organisation's clean reliable, energy journey.

How you consume energy is not 'just' an environmental responsibility, but a strategic business and financial imperative.


A man and woman at a laptop reviewing energy analytics

In Four Simple Steps...

Abstract image of a sun

Step 1

Site survey - energy

data gathering,

sustainability goals and project assessment.

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Step 2

Continu present client with budget based project proposal.

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Step 3

Continu present client detailed project definition.

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Step 4

On-site install, commission, training, and on-going service support agreement.

Our Success Stories 

Swansea university beside the sea

Swansea University 

Swansea University's Bay campus pioneers UK's first Battery Energy Storage Microgrid system. Integrating solar panels and EV carports, the 250kWh BESS ensures energy independence, resilience, and cost efficiency, setting a benchmark for sustainability projects.

Battery Energy Storage Benefits


Boost Renewables 

Store & stabilise clean energy from solar, wind, etc.


Cut Costs

Utilise stored energy, reducing reliance on expensive grid power


Stay Up & Running

Manage weather outages with reliable backup power.


Butterflies on an open field with the sun going down

Go Green

Minimise carbon footprint with clean energy storage.


Electrify Your Fleet

Power EVs without straining the grid.


Grow Smoothly

Scale your BESS to meet future energy needs.

Manufacturing warehouse with battery energy storage units sitting outside it

What is Battery Energy Storage (BESS)?

BESS are rechargeable battery systems that store energy from various sources like solar, wind, or the grid. Each site presents a unique case that requires careful consideration. Here's how a BESS might work for your business:

  • Backup power and resilience: Reliable backup during outages.

  • Peak shaving: Reduce costs by storing cheap off-peak energy for later use.

  • Renewable integration: Maximise solar & wind power utilisation.

  • Grid support: Participate in grid services and earn revenue.

  • EV Fleets charging: avoid costly grid upgrades 

  • Operational Optimisation: Smart control and monitoring systems.

Emission Free, Silent, Portable Power Unit

Looking to reduce emissions and diesel generator reliance?

We are driven to empower businesses in Northern Ireland to run their operations on clean energy. Are you with us? 


In collaboration with our American technology manufacturing partner, we’re excited to launch our partnership, by offering short-term exclusive trial pricing until the 30 May, 2024 for a limited number of power units. 



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