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Remote Monitoring

Monitor anytime, anywhere: Get real-time visibility from any device.

Remote Monitoring 

See all. Know all. Control all. Our remote monitoring keeps a check on the health of your backup power assets, saving time & resources.

Challenges of monitoring the Health of your Power Assets 

In today's digital world, data security requires robust power assets. The pandemic highlighted the need for smarter solutions: proactive monitoring and remote troubleshooting of BESS and UPS systems. Minimise unnecessary engineer callouts, costly repairs, and optimise your resources.

Continu eliminates the outdated "man-in-a-van" approach. Our centralised digital hub offers instant visibility and management of all your UPS /BESS and backup power devices across multiple floors or sites. Save countless hours on individual reporting tasks and focus on what matters most.

Man on a laptop reviewing energy analytics
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Engineer on a tablet remotely viewing the performance of their Uninterruptible Power Supplies

What we do to connect you

Remote Monitoring Software enables you to make data driven decisions based on real time monitoring of your installed assets, rather than by the calendar. It’s an efficient, proactive alternative to having an engineer physically on your site. Our digital approach to service support is intuitive, future proofed and flexible. 

Remote monitoring software provides instant information about the health of your system, often leading to a faster and more efficient resolution. Attributes such as thermal condition, circuit breaker health, patrial discharge, eliminates many of the manual inspections associated with periodic PM’s and provides Continu and you with a higher level of protection. Our purpose is to empower you to manage the health of your backup power assets as efficiently and sustainably as possible. 


Continu will assist at any step where you need supported,

including on-site if required.

Our Success Stories 

Hallway Waiting Area in a hospital

Northern Ireland and Social CareTrust


Continu's remote monitoring transforms NHS Trust's UPS system management, enabling real-time alerts and proactive maintenance, significantly enhancing operational performance and sustainability.​


Instant Insights, Proactive Peace of Mind: Manage IT Anywhere

  • Stay ahead of IT issues with instant access to data and alarms:

  • Monitor anytime, anywhere: Get real-time visibility from any device.


Prioritise alerts and understand root causes.

  • Predictive power, fewer disruptions:

  • Smart recommendations: Reduce service visits and mitigate risks.


Focus on urgent devices before issues arise.

  • Vendor-neutral, expert support:

  • Manage all devices, regardless of brand.

  • EcoStruxure™ partner for best-in-class software.


Dedicated team delivers proactive insights and timely advice.
Ensure uptime, save money, protect your data.

Engineer with a Mobile Phone remotely monitoring their UPS
Endless energy logo
Engineer on a tablet remotely viewing the performance of their Uninterruptible Power Supplies

How it Works

  • Real-time Device Status and Monitoring 

  • Enables 24/7 Visibility 

  • Current and Historical Sensors Values, Dashboards 

  • Alarms Overview and Incident Management 

  • Root Cause Analysis, Assessments and Reports 

  • Insights into battery health including battery wear; expected end of life; battery temperature; battery age and UPS age 

  • Device security assessment enables you to handle security risks 

  • Proactively and allows visibility into outdated hardware, old firmware and vulnerable configurations 

  • Cost-effective subscription license linked to your service support plan and the Continu Customer Portal 

  • Continu offer flexible subscriptions, with or without a service plan and free trials 

  • Subscriptions for 1, 3 or 5 years.

  • Move from a capex to an opex subscription model 

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