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Power and Energy Consulting

Expert feasibility studies that provide clear ‘value-stacking’ insights.

Power and Energy Consulting 

The significant surge in renewable energy adoption, coupled with soaring energy prices, has led to an unprecedented demand for sustainable energy solutions.

But, they can be expensive. We help you understand the financial implications and practical steps required, before making investment decisions.  

How we work on your project 

Continu delivers expert power and energy feasibility studies that provide comprehensive analyses, enabling you to identify and capitalise on value-stacking opportunities for your sustainable energy projects.

We have extensive experience in deploying hybrid technologies, such as UPS, generators, wind turbines and Solar PV that work harmoniously together to address the unique power needs of entire sites. This may involve integrating multiple technologies to create "value stacking" opportunities, where benefits, such as peak shaving, demand response, and grid services, are combined to enhance project economics.

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Electric Car Charging

How we help your business become energy efficient 

Whether your focus is on maximising renewable power, reducing reliance on diesel generators, transitioning to an EV fleet, or achieving sustainability goals, we simplify the process of selecting the right solution. Our approach involves delivering comprehensive and practical reports, drawing on our extensive network of manufacturing partners. These reports empower you to make informed investment decisions and advance your energy project swiftly and effectively.

Our Success Stories 

Transport and logistics hub with lorries

Major Logistics Company 

Continu's groundbreaking project integrates cutting-edge solar and battery energy storage at a major logistics company, pioneering sustainability in transport across the UK and Ireland. This strategic initiative, enhancing energy efficiency and supporting decarbonisation, marks a significant step towards renewable energy adoption in logistics, setting new standards for the industry.

Why Us

Decade of Excellence: Over 15 years of experience 'has taught us what works'.

  • Work with Global Leaders: We work with industry-leading manufacturers of uninterruptible power supplies, battery energy storage, and cutting-edge solar solutions.

  • Brand Agnostic: We're committed to recommending only the right solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring an unbiased approach to energy consulting.

  • Proven Track Record: With extensive practical install experience, we've provided energy solutions to over 270 clients across various industries, demonstrating our capability and versatility.

  • Lean-Driven Approach: We are lean thinkers. Our processes are focused on adding value and minimising waste throughout the entire process.

  • Innovative approach: Specialising in complex challenges where no previous solutions existed, we are not afraid of offering bespoke solutions, setting us apart in the field.


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In Four Simple Steps...

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Step 1

Site survey - energy

data gathering,

sustainability goals and project assessment.

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Step 2

Continu present client with budget based project proposal.

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Step 3

Continu present client detailed project definition.

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Step 4

On-site install, commission, training, and on-going service support agreement.

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