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Solar Energy

Endless clean, green electricity for every building.

Solar Energy Solutions

Endless clean, green electricity for every building. Transform building surfaces into clean energy generators. Designed for surfaces unsuitable for traditional solar panels or aesthetic preferences. Lightweight system that delivers green electricity seamlessly. 

Challenges with Solar PV panels

There are times when our BESS projects face limitations because the roofs are not suitable for solar installations. Despite solar technology's widespread adoption as a mainstream electricity generation method, nearly 98% of global rooftop surfaces remain untapped for solar power generation.  Traditional PV solar panels simply cannot be installed on many buildings. These include roofs with low static load-bearing capacity, round roof shapes, Corrugated roofing façades, and curved surfaces. 

Buildings in a city with the sun shining on them

Unlock The Power Of The Sun

60% of our battery energy storage projects are unique, pushing us to innovate and pioneer tailored solutions. We excel at combining products from multiple manufacturers and developing entirely new approaches, exceeding OEM limitations. 
To overcome the challenges, we offer solar + storage solutions for:

  • Undulating roofs (sports stadiums)

  • Car park canopies 

  • Biogas plants (membrane roofs)

  • Large building facades (logistics facilities)

  • Corrugated rooftops (agricultural buildings)

  • Temperate rooftops (sporting events, food villages)

  • Wind turbine towers

Building with solar panels
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What is our Solar Solution? 

Truly Green Energy

Transform your building into a clean solar plus storage micro-grid no matter the obstacle. Our innovative solar energy solution is  perfect for surfaces unsuitable or unattractive for traditional panels. We offer:

  • Effortless installation: Ready-to-use solution, ideal for retrofitting buildings with weight or roof penetration limitations.

  • Lightweight design: No need for heavy substructures or rear ventilation, making it perfect for delicate surfaces.

  • Flexible placement: Utilise roofs, facades, or other areas traditionally off-limits to solar panels.

  • Green electricity: Generate clean, renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Maintain the beauty of your building while enjoying the benefits of solar power.

  • Solar that is manufactured usining organic material and classified as solid recovered fuel (SRF),

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