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Power lines

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE)

Continu provides Northern Ireland Electricity professional backup power support through multi-site UPS maintenance, ensuring critical infrastructure protection.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Continu's Backup Power Solution for NIE

The Project
Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) awarded Continu the comprehensive contract for multi-site uninterruptible power supply (UPS) maintenance across their regional facilities.

The Background
NIE's electricity network spans the entire country via a vast infrastructure of pylons, substations, poles, and overhead/underground cables to deliver power to customers. At each of NIE's regional offices, critical server rooms rely on UPS systems to provide backup power and protect against outages.

Maintaining these UPS units through regular maintenance is imperative to ensuring they can properly safeguard the servers and other critical electrical loads. Any UPS system failure could potentially disrupt NIE's operations and service to customers.

The Solution

As an independent UPS specialist and service partner to leading brands like APC and Riello, Continu has unique access to the necessary diagnostic software, spare parts and batteries required for maintenance and repairs on a wide range of UPS models.

Continu began by conducting comprehensive health checks on all existing UPS equipment across NIE's facilities. This allowed them to identify any immediate repair or battery replacement needs. A dedicated team was quickly deployed to perform the initial remediation work required.

Through their custom field service management platform, Continu implemented a tailored preventative maintenance program for the multi-site UPS environment. This ensures that all routine services like battery replacements, software updates, and system tests occur on a scheduled basis by qualified, model-specific technicians.

With direct access to genuine OEM parts at competitive pricing, coupled with their expertise, Continu provides NIE a single point of contact for all UPS maintenance and timely repair services.

The Outcome
By partnering with Continu for multi-site UPS service and support, NIE now has confidence that robust backup power will protect their critical infrastructure and server environments.

Rather than coordinating ad-hoc third-party services across different vendors and sites, NIE receives professionally managed maintenance from Continu. This provides peace of mind that their UPS systems will operate reliably through any power disruption, safeguarding continued operations and consistent service to customers across Northern Ireland.

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