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Emission Free, Silent, Portable Power Unit

Looking to reduce emissions and diesel generator reliance?

Battery energy storage power -  Around the clock

We are driven to empower businesses in Northern Ireland to run their operations on clean energy. Are you with us? 


In collaboration with our American technology manufacturing partner, we’re excited to launch our partnership, by offering short-term exclusive trial pricing until the 30 May, 2024 for a limited number of power units. 

We are looking for suitable locations and customers to partner with us to install this innovative technology before its official released in Ireland. 

By joining our waiting list, you’ll gain early access to this best-in-class power technology and significantly advance your sustainability targets.  


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Battery Energy Storage unit

How does it work?

The Battery Energy Storage Power bank is capable of working as a stand alone unit, delivering a minimum of four hours runtime, or in a hybrid system, alongside the generator which will drastically reduce the Generator run time. Once the battery depletes, it will be re-charged by either mains power or generator. Together with integrated technology and remote asset management your will have the ability to monitor the energy usage, make intelligent decisions, reduce maintenance and downtime  without losing power.

What are the benefits ?

  • Significant cost savings

  • Portable, compact, silent power solution

  • Co2 Emission Fee. 80% carbon offset

  • Reduce diesel engine runtime by up to 83%

  • Integrate with any power source

  • Plug and play

  • Low maintenance

  • 20 hours of energy with a 4 hour charge time

  • Intelligent software operation, report, control, remote management

  • Opportunity to ‘showcase’ your committment to decarbonise operations

  • Combine profitability with environmental responsibility

  • Grants may be available to buy and install (Invest NI)

Battery Energy Storage for a Diesel Generator.
Battery Energy Storage at a Golf Club

Typical applications – would it work for your site?

  • Temporary Power for live events

  • Hospitality venues

  • Construction sites

  • Mining/Quarrying

  • Farming

  • Telecoms – e.g remote sites

  • Utilities and transport

  • Multi-sites operations

The tech spec

  • Proven, best-in class technology

  • Remote monitoring and control

  • Quality engineering US manufacture certified for UK applications

  • 15-45KVA  power output

  • 60kWh capacity (daisy chain units as required)

  • Minimum 4 hours run time

  • LFP tried and tested battery technology 

  • Max 1,100 kg

  • Trailer mounted option

Continu van towing a battery energy storage unit behind it
Battery Energy Storage being towed on a small trailer

What are next steps? 

  • Join  our wait list

  • A member of our Power and Energy Team will contact you with request for further information about site suitability

  • Site survey / meeting with you to understand goals and power requirements

  • Proposal and quote issued.

  • Install, commission, service support

Image by Ben den Engelsen

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