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Swansea University beside the seaside

Swansea University

Continu pioneers the UK's first large-scale sustainability project at Swansea University. Our groundbreaking microgrid leads the way in integrating innovative solar technologies

First-in-kind of its kind in UK Battery Energy Storage Microgrid system for Swansea University’s Bay campus. 

Project Background:
The project formed part of a major construction project for Swansea University with principal contractor RDM Electrical. This innovative project, the first of its kind in the UK, formed a key part of a large-scale energy saving project, integrating sustainable technologies at Swansea University’s Bay campus. Swansea University is recognised as a leader in organisational sustainability and is currently in the top ten of The Guardian Published People and ‘Planet Green League’.

Project Solution:
A 135kWp solar PV system was installed on the roof building, covering 540m2 space which was supplemented by the installation of an additional 6kWp system mounted above a uniquely designed Electric Vehicle carport, suitable for up to five vehicles.

The energy generated by the panels is sent to the 250kWh BESS, which is a stand-alone bespoke single GRP IP64 enclosure which houses the suite of batteries, inverter, transformer, HVAC and controller(s). The BESS has a single internal operations controller and a single system power management controller which is supplied by our software partner Schneider Electric (EcoStruxure Microgrid). The power is distributed by the microgrid controller and diverted between the BESS, the five new EV chargers and the School of Management building. The Microgrid controller diverts energy to where it assesses the need to be greatest at any given time. The controller uses a cutting-edge web-based user interface that communicates real-time energy use, savings and CO2 emissions data. The system’s algorithms also enable optimisation of the site’s energy demands, managing the flow of energy between its various constituent parts. 

Project Results:
The Batter Energy Storage Microgrid installed for the School of Management building has enabled the University to eliminate dependence on centralised power, enhance resilience to external power issues, integrate and maximises return on investment from solar energy enabling energy independence, and game changer energy costs. 


What the client said:
‘This project involved design, supply, factory build & test and install, commission and O&M of the Battery Energy Storage System. (BESS) This project will provides important data for similar size applications throughout Ireland and the UK. It also provides an enviable teaching asset for students on campus and endless energy for Electric Vehicle charging for up to five vehicles.’

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