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Continu - Keeping food production lines up and running

Apr 25, 2022

For our food production customers, reliability of power is paramount to the smooth and economical running of the business. Many of Northern Ireland’s food production companies are located in rural areas where quality of power from the grid can sometimes play havoc with production control equipment, even on a good day. During these electrical power problems, businesses with suitable back-up power will remain protected and their critical assets will continue to perform as usual.

In the egg production world, downtime of the egg sorting equipment can cause a substantial loss to the business. We support our customers Greenfield Foods and Golden Irish with back-up power for egg sorting and grading equipment, allowing them to carry on with business as usual should there be any power problems. These customers are protected with backup power systems that protect critical equipment. The service support plans suit their business needs, include remote monitoring which ensures they avoid costly factory downtime.

Other food production companies such as Moy Park and Finnebrogue are also protected by back up power that ensures their production lines can carry on – downtime not only breaks the supply chain – it can be very costly to get the equipment back up and running again.

Regular maintenance is key. Continu customers have several options when it comes to service support maintenance, beginning with a tailored service support plan. In addition, to help keep your critical assets up and running we install EcoStruxure IT by APC Schneider Electric that helps you monitor and manage your entire connected site remotely – it is a cloud-based Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software platform that provides real time notifications on the health of your assets.

Continu is trusted by large public and private organisations with business-critical equipment throughout sectors such as agri-food, transport, healthcare, hospitality, IT, and manufacturing.

Providing technical expertise, regular advice and offering quick response times in the event of back-up power problems is of utmost importance.

If you are a food production company concerned about power problems and would like the Continu team to survey your organisation’s backup power needs, energy consumption and efficiency, please contact our expert team.


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